Friday, 16 November 2012

Goodbye QUT

Today, at 10.15am, I walked out of QUT for the last time (as a student).

I have sat my final exam, and have completed all the requirements for my uni course.

Now to pray that I pass my exam, and be able to attend graduation on 11 December.

I remember struggling with my Uni choice two years ago. Should I take a Master in IT, or a Masters in Education? Technology have always been a fascinating part of my life, but education was something I wanted to do in Secondary school. I've choose IT in then end, because I didn't want to risk getting a Masters in Education, but be unable to use it in Singapore. (Because in Singapore, no matter what qualification you have, you still have to go through NIE to be a teacher. I didn't though about teaching in a private school then, as I don't feel they will take a teacher with no experience).

During my two years here, there was only one moment that I might have regretted that decision: when I started looking into PR application. IT isn't high on the SOL list, not security technology at least, and the SOL seems to be welcoming educators with open arms. "I should have done education." That thought troubled me for a couple of weeks, but in the end, I doubt I will be as happy.

I came to Queensland University of Technology two years ago, with no more knowledge on computers than assembling, troubleshooting, formatting and some idea of partitions. Today, I step out with cryptographic knowledge, an understanding of programming, vulnerability of computing coding and the potential damage, and Cisco networking/ Security. I can convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal and binary with ease, and have a good comprehension of cyberlaw. I can CSI your computer for files you are trying to hide or delete. I gotten my Prince2 practitioner certificate, and did a Masters level management course as an elective. (And prove to me that hell yeah, I am good with the management stuff~)

One thing I am sort of beating myself up inside is not doing well in sem 1, and that had pulled my GPA down a little. I am 0.3 points away from honours, and that feeling REALLY suck. However, I do think I have done decent, and had learn a lot from these two years. 

I think I am going to miss S block the most. It's where most of my classes were, and where I hang out the most. The Alienware room, the Cisco rooms, and the large pack of people playing MTG and other card games on Level 5.

I am going to miss the library too, the frustration of not finding a computer, and EVERYONE there is on Facebook/not doing uni work. Rushing assignments and submitting them before assignment minder close....

Well, 10 days of pure freedom, before I start my internship! Gogogogoggo

One last look, before walking away


  1. Hi, I just googled MTG QUT, and this is one of the more recent mentions of it, if you have any details about when or where it is that would be great!! (starting QUT gardens point this year)

    1. Im not too sure what exactly are you looking for, but if you are looking for a bunch of people playing mtg at qut, s block, level 5 :) they are there almost every day, any time

    2. Thankyou very much that is all I need to know