Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A quick update

I am so sorry that there hasn’t been an update for so long!
My excuse (this time) is that I’ve just started an internship! Yeah! I now ‘work’ for a bank, doing project management. I know it sounds cool, therefore you will forgive my lack of updates =D
Work has been fun so far, but getting up at 6.30am isn’t (which is why after the first week, I start to get up at 7. Still not cool, but better).
Asides from work, Minh’s bro Nhat was in town a couple of week ago with his girlfriend, Jyotika.  Went out to chill on Friday, and had a blast of a time!
Seriously, Harajuku Goyaz, try them, ORDER SAKE!
Also, graduated last Tuesday! Yeah~ I was pretty sure I will be, but without that confirmation email I was still jumpy about it. I even got a day off work for it! Separate post about it coming up!
And and (chees, and I say nothing goes on with my life!) Our registration paper is in! Minh and I are registered partners! Yeah! ( he doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but I do XDD)
Went to a winery due to work(legit) and that is yet another backlog for me. Also going back to Singapore soon for holiday, so YEAH BEDOK 85 STINGRAY.

Pictures next round!

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