Monday, 21 January 2013

Food Review: Harajuku Gyoza

So, way back to my first week of work (in late November), The future brother-in-law and wife (Nhat and Jyotika) came down to Brisbane for a short holiday/ visiting the family. We thought we should do something before they leave, and to commemorate my first Friday after Work.

After a few drinks at Kerbside , we decided to head over to Harajuku Gyoza . We seen the line, and really want to try it. First off: the line... OMG we had to wait 45mintues before we could get in! The servers were really cool though; they allowed us to leave a name and our number, and say they will call us when there's a table for us. I know not many places does this now (sadly) but it does show that you are considerate and understand that its a Friday night, and I don't want to spend 45 mins in a line on a Friday night.

When we finish our round of Valley Wondering, and got our call, we rushed straight in to be seated.

And man! The atmosphere! It was like a huge, infectious party going on! After our 45 mins of wondering we were getting kind of tired, but the moment we entered and got greeted by the staff, our sprits were lifted again! Every table was having fun, chatting loudly and laughing, while the staff were running around serving food and SAKKEEEEEE.

The menu was so cute we wanted to bring one home!

I personally love the decoration of the place. All the pretty plates on the wall! Some of them had a couple of anime/ Japan culture references in them, and it was fun identifying them. I saw a Doraemon, a Kamen Rider, Helloe Kitty and a couple of cosplay ones (just shots of Cosplayers in Harajuku, looks like very old photos too)

Nhat is very in love with his cute girl on the plate.

We had some Edamame to start off, because we love Edamame. I think we ordered a total of 3 serves over the night?

Lovely Duck Gyoza. We had a couple of others, and I find the duck one the most outstanding... because you don't get duck gyoza often. We did have a pork one as well, but honestly, there are better gyozas out there besides this place. I do highly recommend this place for other reasons tho.

Chicken Karrage. Nicely done. We had some Agedashi tofu as well.

But anyway, food aside (what kind of food review am I doing?!) I think the main reason you should come here is for this:

SAKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Seriously man, I think the place is so high because the stall keeps selling sake! I personally love Sake, it being one of the only alcoholic drink I could take (others being umeshu, whisky and not beer and wine). They were selling sake like it was water! Every table had some shooters, and everyone were getting refills. We only decided to have some because of how everyone is shouting for sake, and we though maybe we should try it.

And trust me when I say IT'S GOOD SAKE.

Extra awesome as they fill the sake to the brim, and often overflows into the square box cups. I manage to get another half a glass from the box, LOL.

So conclusion? Just go after dinner for a drink and snack (I think that's what they want you to do anyway, seeing that you will never get full on the menu). Edamame is good and reasonably priced. Agedashi tofu is decent. We had better Gyozas elsewhere. I will go back again to try the dessert gyoza, and maybe more sake~

To be avoid if you do not like long lines, or noisy places.

Harajuku Gyoza
394 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Tel: (07) 3852 4624
Opening hours: Everyday- mid day till late
Additional notes: Do not take bookings, so go early and leave your name at the door! Takes credit card.

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