Thursday, 24 January 2013

Food Review: the Morrison Hotel

'I love steak' is an understatement.

I FREAKING HELL LOVE STEAK isn't even close! I really do enjoy my beef. I still remember my every first steak. I was 6 then, and Dad brought me to Jack's Place. I'll always have something from the kids's meal, and Dad will always get the Sirloin steak. One day, I asked Dad for a bite, and I was hooked every since! (Note that it isn't even that good. Dad eats his steak well-done.. grrrr)

So when I first came to Australia in 2010 (before I started Uni here, just here for a holiday), Minh brought me to Morrison, and it was so good, all other steak became insignificant. Morrisons is now my go to place for special occasions. I had a birthday party there, a couple of dates, and always look forward to going again.

The place is just beautiful. And the little chalk boards around have interesting messages/ facts. Some of them are pretty good laughs.

We always get a Garlic, basil, olive oil and mozzarella Wood fired pizza bread to start. Sadly, the standard for the bread seems to fluctuate. We like our bread to actually taste garlic-ily. Sometimes the cheese overpowers any taste. Today's bread was good though.

I love my Graziers Eye Fillet (200g), It's always nice and juicy~ You get a choice of Caesar Salad or House Salad, and Chips or House potato. I always go for the Caesar Salad and the House potato. Minh will go for the House Salad (because there is no cheese) and chips. The sauce is also awesome! I love the Mushroom, and Minh loves the pepper. I've also tried the Herb Butter, which was interesting.

Yum yum!

Between the both of us, we had pretty much tried the whole menu of steaks and cuts. We recommend  the Graziers Rump, Rib Fillet, Porterhouse and the Eye Fillet. I've tried the Wagyu Rump once, and it was slightly disappointing. I though it didn't taste like Wagyu. But hey, I've never had the real thing from Japan, so I might be wrong. I would like to try the Wagyu Sirloin one day... if I ever win the lotto.

In short, lovely place. A must try for any steak lovers! Do check out their webpage before you go! Sometimes you get awesome coupons, like FREE DRINK/ BREAD/SOUP~~

(PS: Yes I have been to the Norman and I still think Morrison is better. I had such a bad experience at the Norman that I am never going back! Minh went twice and both times he was highly disappoint. So in the Morrison VS Norman war, we are with Morrison!)

Morrison Hotel
640 Stanley St
Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
Tel: (07) 3391 1413
Opening hours: Daily Lunch: 10am-12.30pm, Daily Dinner: 5.30pm-9pm
Additional notes:  Friday and Sat: Full steakhouse menu served 12pm-9pm. Credit card, booking welcomed.   Free parking after 7pm (legally, illegally there are spots around you can risk).  One bill only (as indicated on the counter)

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