Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The room is raining!

I hope everyone is safe and sound this horrible weather season! I've been watching the news and the amount of destruction around Queensland is so disturbing. I wasn't around during the 2011 flood, so this is my first time experiencing such a disaster. (The only flood we have in Singapore are on Orchard road, and they are flash floods, and were at areas that I could easily avoid, and therefore not fully aware of the impact it cause.)

This time was different tho. T_T

I was at Good Games, playing the Gatecrash Pre-release on Sunday when Mum called and say the ceiling was leaking! I wasn't sure if that was what I heard, because she was panicking and speaking really fast. Minh called her back and she explained to him in Vietnamese what had happened. She came down to the TV room, and found the floor soaking wet, and when she looked up, THERE WAS A FREAKING HOLE IN THE CEILING!

We finished up the games as soon as we can (I was ID-ing all the way, but Minh met a few guys who won't ID him). As we drove home we realised how bad the whole situation was: roads along the RBWH were flooded, and there was no way we could have taken our usual path home. We even saw a car got stuck in the water around the BP. Minh decided to play safe and drive along the main roads until we are able to get back to the house)

And this greeted us:

It doesn't look big, about the size of a Aus 50cent coin, but water was constantly dripping through it. I could only stare at it and go HOW? I even went up to the room that was above that ceiling  to check if the room was alright, and it wasn't wet! SO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

The little damage control we could manage at this point of time.

The soft which I always lay on while watching Foxtel was hit too. It's still a little damn today.

And guess what was hit as well?

MY LAPTOP *cries* I couldn't start it up on Sunday, so we pull the batt and hdd out, and left it to air a little. It's still a bit wonky. This morning (Tues) I've manage to boot it on, but to be safe I will start backing-up stuff tonight when I get back from work, in case it decided that the water damage was too much to bear.

And the surprises never end! After dinner, I was watching TV (for some reason I have no Foxtel connection, sob, so I have nothing decent to watch after MasterChef. I just kept the TV on so I could surf the net on my phone) and BOOM! The lights went off! I was so shocked that I had to shout for Minh. We checked the fuse box, and found the whole neighbour pitch black. T_T There was nothing else to do but to go to bed then, and hope the power comes back in the middle of the night.

Power didn't come back the next morning, and the house was getting unbearable because it was so humid (how did I survive humidity when I am in Singapore?!). Minh and I had plans to head down to Kenny's anyway, and his place isn't affected by the power outage. We drove and found that 2 lights down, IGA's power was working! We also saw a branch on the power lines which might have been the cause of the outage. Throughout the drive we can see how hard the wind was blowing, and all the debris on the roads made it clear that we got away with the minimum damage. 

At Kenny's Sabina says her house was hit at 7pm, and still have no power. She wasn't even sure if the guys could actually get to her place to fix the lines, because the roads are pretty flooded. We decided that everything was out of hand, so we just do what we came to Kenny's for: leathercraft works, BBQ, and desserts.

I want to be Kenny's neighbour!

We chilled and watched Tangled, play some card games, SingStar, and watch Masterchef and MKR. Damn that was a good episode of Masterchef to watch with Kenny, and hear him go how fail everyone was when doing the cake (Kenny's family runs a French Patisserie in Sydney, and he grew up baking).

We went home, and the power was back. I've never appreciated electricity as much as I did now.
I realised how much I took it for granted, and always assumed it will be there. That 24 hour period when the power was down, it would have been terrible if we had not planned to go to Kenny's. Electricity please don't ever leave me again!

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