Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Food Review: New Shanghai

I've passed 1000 views! OMG! I know 1000 views isn't much, but still! *Feels good*

Anyway, one random night, Minh and I were at Queens Plaza when we found this little place downstairs. It looks good, but we already had dinner plans that night. The place has been on my mind since.

A couple of days later, we found ourselves in the city again, and decide to try it out. By this time, I've heard mixed reviews from a couple of friends. Kenny and Kara, who had New Shanghai when they were living in Sydney, were really excited and highly recommends the place. A couple of others had tried and posted on facebook/ foursquare that it was 'alright'.

The place was pretty busy, but we managed to get a seat fast because we didn't mind seating out (which is on the mall's walkways). We ordered tea and comb the menu for goodies. Although we would love to order baskets of dim sum/ yum cha goodies, there was only two of us, and we can't possibly finish more than 2 baskets before getting sick of 4x a-type-of-dimsum-each. So we opt (rather, I insist) on one, and we got other stuff to go with.

First up is our New Shanghai pan fried pork bun (8pcs)
I had to order this because I know it's yummy, and I am pretty sure I have not seen this at any other Brisbane yumcha place. This was definitely the star of our dinner! The buns are crispy at the bottom, the tip was a nice chewy dough, and the meat inside were bursting with juices! Absolutely yummy!

We also ordered a Shredded jellyfish and radish tossed with sea salt and light soy dressing. Not particularly impressed with this dish. It's not bad, just that I had better jellyfish elsewhere. It is a good light dish to start your meal, and good for people who had never had jellyfish before (intro to jellyfish, lol)

Minh's main was the Drunken chicken served with cold noodles. This dish was definitely the let down of the meal. Minh calls it 'Sober Chicken'. There was too much noodles, and the chicken wasn't done correctly. There wasn't any taste wine that is used to cook it.. So it ended being like, a tough poached chicken.

Combination Fried rice for me. This is the Yangzhou version of fried rice (which is also the most common version you find in restaurants). It is wasn't amazing, but I tend to judge fried rice very harshly.Fried rice is one of those dish that is simple, but requires a lot of skills to prefect. For me, a good fried rice is fragrant, very yellow (aka rice has been mixed well with the egg) and not too oily. I think other than being not as fragrant as I like it to be, it's a pretty decent dish.

I will definitely be back to try more of the Dim Sum menu (with an army of friends, for sure), and hopefully this time, I can get a inside seating. The place is really affordable for Chinese in the city (I was pleasantly surprised when I got my bill). It's no Din Tai Fung, but it's a good place for Chinese if you can't be bothered to travel to Sunnybank. 

New Shanghai
226 Queen St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Tel: (07) 3108 7652
Opening hours: Lunch and Dinner
Additional notes:  Takes cards, might have a line if you go during peak hours. Takes reservation. Have a lovely website which you can check out the food and make reservations here.

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