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So, I've graduated in December 2012 for the second time (first was in 2007, Oklahoma City, USA). After being through 2 graduations, in different countries, I though I'll share my experience (and post more pictures).

I remember my Oklahoma City University (OCU) one as an affair that didn't need much of my own input. OCU took care of most of it. It was a trip to the states with my batch mates. We had to complete 3 modules in the States as part of our requirement to graduate, and had our graduation ceremony there as well. I just need to order my graduation robes (we had to buy them, no renting! the fuuu) and make sure it fits.

I had to do a little more in Brisbane. One thing that I would do again is booked tickets for Minh and Mum earlier, so they can have better seats. I took the whole ' Do not buy tickets/ rent your robes until you had gotten confirmation of graduation' thingy way too seriously. I even knew (even before results are released) that I am going to graduate! I just had one class to pass, and the lecture had already given us the lowest score the class scored (which was still a pass!) I was totally cleared to graduate! If I had brought QPAC tickets earlier, Minh and Mum could have had a better seat!

Anyway, some comparisons if you like:

2007 in OCU

2012 in QUT
I still look horrible in Graduation photos.

I think another reason why OCU graduation was easier was because the robe is closed, so I could wear anything I want under it. I actually had to go shopping to get something decent to wear with the QUT one. I think the general idea is to wear something that will look good with the robes. I was tempted to go shirt and trousers like the guys, because it just look really smart. I don't like wearing pants tho, that's why I grab this Forever New dress. Black is a safe colour to wear, and a lot of ladies did turn up in black, or some other dark coloured fabric.  DO MAKE THE EFFORT TO WEAR SOMETHING NICE THO. I've seen a few people turning up in polos and shorts, and slippers... Why are you even here? If you don't care about your graduation so much you can just stay home like the rest of the 'don't care' people. Tons of people choose not to come because they didn't want to pay for QPAC tickets/ robe rental/ whatever, and I respect their choice. After all, you are seated for almost 3 hours, with only 30 seconds to shine. It does seems like a waste of time. I went because I wanted to celebrate my achievement. I am proud to graduate with my Masters, and I want to be part of the ceremony. I want beautiful pictures to remind me of the day.. I do not like to see a polo shirt and shorts guys in my photo.

Class of 2007

Experience wise it was very different too. In 2007 I was surrounded by my batchmates. We've been in the same class for 3 years now, taking every module together. So by the time we were in Oklahoma City, we bonded really well and are like family to each other.

2012, I had family with me. I have my dearest Minh, and his Mum to celebrate this day with me. Since QUT does units, and we have the freedom to choose units, a lot of the people I know are either not graduating yet, graduated, or just not in the country when graduation occur. I did find someone to graduate with tho.

Only SK was graduating at the same time as me *sobs*

One thing that would have really made any of the graduation better is if my own family is there. Mummy and Daddy did attend the OCU-Singapore one, but they won't have a chance to see my Master graduation because I won't be in Singapore for the QUT-Singapore one.
I could always just rent a gown to take photos in Singapore when my brother graduate I guess.
I'm planning to do the proper graduation shoot when Minh graduates, so we can take photos in the studio together.

I was somewhere in front, therefore can't facebook throughout the ceremony like I planned to.

Camwhoring before the ceremony starts.

Took this off the website, I did buy a copy! It's just in a nice pretty frame that I didn't want to open and scan it in.

When to Siam Samrarn at West End to celebrate after.

Also went to Uncle Ricky's Ipoh Laska for dinner celebration with friends. Need to up the polariod man!

I love Uncle Ricky's chilli crabs~ so yummy!

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