Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rant: I can't get nice coffee

Like serious, I am coffee cursed or something.

Today, I was carving for an Ice Mocha, so I went to the train station, and got one from the cafe. OMG it's very bitter!!!

I hate it when people burn their coffee >.< That's why I don't buy coffee from work...

Tempted to bring my own coffee powder and condense milk to make Kopi in the office... But No ice in the office!

I could stop one bus stop further and get starbucks, or track the opposite direction from my office to get nice Ice Mocha.. but effort much!

I miss hawker centres, where I know my Kopi and tek are nice >.<

Also, addicted to MKR. Hohohohoho, the food and drama~~ Tassie Father and Son team is my fav so far (they are so nice~) and I like the pinky girls too... because they pretty much did their instant restaurant the same way I would have done it if I were in this. Food Nerds are cute, and I hope they don't get kick out soon!

I do hope the two Asian girls can cook tho. I will like to see them stay on for some more drama~ I like them better than Spice girls and Beauty Queens... (like serious, how do they win beauty pageants? They are not that beautiful, they don't have nice personalities... ) I like the Asian girls, they are so bad, its funny. Just hope they can cook to back-up that attitude. I am all find with people who have arrogant attitudes, IF they really have that kind of skill level.

So yes, MKR has taken over my life >.<

OH! If you live in Brissy, you SHOULD go check out this play: Aladdin and his wonderful magical lamp. I went to watch it last week, cos Frances is in it, and it was AMAZING *song is still stuck in my head* Highly recommended!

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