Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Visa application: Ready to submit!

So, after all the tears, stress, headaches and what-so-ever, my 1.5cm height pile of paperwork is ready to be submitted.

Sadly, the application is not complete. We are missing police checks (AFP say they have complete the check and is sending it to me, have not even done the Singapore one cos I do not have a DIAC request form), health check (pending if I need to do, since my last one was for my student visa in June 2012) and a document from my Dad regarding his name change. We also have a couple more declaration to submit, but waiting for people to pass them to us.

However, we have to get it in, as my student visa is expiring, and I need that bridging A visa as soon as I can.

Note of advice to anyone doing this visa: do it like, 3 months before your visa expires.

There is quite a bit of waiting involve in doing this. For me the biggest one is that DIAC request to get Singapore to start their police check.

An email I send to immi 2 weeks ago received an auto-reply to say it may take up to 4 weeks before anyone can answer me. That's 4 weeks gone just waiting for them to give me a DIAC request form. The hotline can't help in this area, as they need 'black-and-white' to release the form, and the 'black-and-white' is coming from the immi people I contacted.

AFP police check took about 2 weeks, which is alright.Pretty standard. Our write up too about a week, including the whole digging for letters, passports and getting them JP-ed. Statuary Declarations are valid for 6 weeks, so we are getting the minimum 2 done now, and everyone else done later, when we submit the police checks.

I'm going to get them express post today, and hopefully immigration gets them tomorrow and start opening it within the next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed!

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