Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Food Review: Moo Moo The Wine Bar + grill

So, Living Social was selling vouchers for some Moo Moo steak, and I was planning a nice night out for Minh and I, no reason not to buy a voucher that let's you try an expensive restaurant at a cheaper price =D

We decided to bring Mum along too, and make it a family dinner. As my Student Visa expired on 15 March, this dinner is sort of a mark to say, hey, it's 17 March, and I am still in Australia with my Bridging A, wooohoooo~~I have already purchased a 2 steak voucher, we had to get another steak for Mum there at the usual cost (lucky us too, more on that later )

The restaurant is part of the Stamford Hotel,and it wasn't hard to find. We were really lucky to get a street parking just outside (and even luckier when the birds decided that our car was too black and needed more colour.. Serious, what is with birds and black cars?! They seem to exclusively target black cars! The white car parked in front of us got NOTHING!) We walked in via the side entrance (because we didn't know where it is exactly, and ended up going in from the side). The restaurant is up on level 2,and we were greeted by the lovely maître d’, and brought to our seats. We were given the heavy menus, and the maître d’ started explaining about what our voucher entitle us to.

It seems like there were only 3 choice of steak if we are using the voucher ( The Aacco Wagyu F1 Wagyu Rump Cap (H), the Greenham's all natural Rib Eye on Bone, and T-Bone). This was totally NOT communicated on the voucher or during the sales on the webpage. I remember reading the whole Terms and Condition, and the sale says we get two steak up to the value of $104. There were plenty of other steaks that we could have chosen, and still be within this price range. They only way we could have made 'full use' of our $104 credit is to order two Rib Eye on Bone, which we do not want. I do not know if this was a miscommunication on Moo Moo's end, or Living Social. Either way, I have brought the voucher, and I didn't want to make too much of a fuss out of it. I was just glad that I didn't buy one for Mum, as she would not have like any of the cuts on offer from the voucher.

We settled for two Wagyu Rump for Minh and I (total value of $94) and got a Macquarie Downs 100% Full Blooded Wagyu Flat Iron ($55). We also got a Prelude (Crumbed Mushroom w Black pepper aioli, $6) and 3 sides for $21 (  Fat Chips + black pepper aioli, Roasted Honeyed Baby Carrots w Cummin+preserved lemon, and Handcut Green Beanw caramelised onion +almond flakes). We also got sauces for our steak (3 for $9)

Mum and Minh both got Lemon Lime Bitters, but I was felt like having a Mocktail. The waitress who came to take our order say they do not have a Mocktail list, but the bar could make it if I requested for it. I told her to surprise me with something, just no strawberries (I have a phobia). She came back with this:

Beautiful cranberry and grape drink. Yum! 

The lemon lime bitter was a bit of a disappointment tho, not frizzy and too sweet.

We also received some tasty complimentary beef with salsa as a start from the chef. Nice and tender, very juicy. Makes me crave for my steak.  Mum's serve was a little bit too salty tho.

Crumbled Mushroom. Very simple dish, and nicely done. The crush was crispy, and the mushroom still chewy and full of flavor. Don't really taste the black pepper in the sauce tho.

And finally, the stars arrive!

Beautiful Wagyu Rump, with a Red wine Jus, and my lovely mushroom sauce.

Nice, medium rare in the middle. Melts-in-your-mouth wonderful! This steak have successfully won my heart. From the first bite you can tell that it is quality meat, and whoever is cooking it knows what he is doing. The outside is nicely charred, and the inside still pink and moist. For the first time in Brisbane I think I am actually getting Wagyu. Mum's Flat Iron was definitely the highlight. The meat is flavourful, and so soft it's impossible.

Carrot and Green Bean. The Green beans are the highlight of the sides for sure. Fat chips were like wedges thick, and honey and carrot just didn't work for us. Looking around, people were ordering the portobello mushrooms and the mash. If we ever come back, we are gonna try those too!

While the final bill still gave me a mini-heart attack (considering I actually brought a voucher), I think it's money well spent. Will I come back without a voucher? Maybe, but this place is on my OMG SPECIAL OCCASION / Time to indulge list. If this meal have not been this heavenly, I would be making a bigger fuss about the voucher's T&C, but since the food is so good, I'll just forget about that.

Moo Moo The Wine Bar+ Grill
The Port Office, Stamford Plaza
Cnr. Margaret + Edward Street
Brisbane, Queensland
Tel: (07) 3236 4500Opening hours: Lunch and Dinner
Additional notes:  Takes cards and reservation. Good place for a date, or if you are planning something special. Street parking available, but payable before 7pm. Has outside sitting, nice mocktail, pricey. Say Hi to the bull at the door =D For promotions, follow them on twitter.  Website is here.

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