Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Legally Blonde

On Sunday, Judith and I met up to watch Legally Blonde, the Musical at QPAC!

I first saw the posters for this musical when we were in Sydney doing WCS last year. Although I've never seen the movie, I knew this was a musical I have to watch! The cast was super (two Glindas and two Fiyeros?!) and that dog was adorable!

So I was really glad that Judith was willing to come watch it with me *she was the only one!! sobs JUDITH YOU ARE NOW MY ENTERTAINMENT BUDDY~!!* We had a bit of lunch near South Bank, and then head to QPAC to collect our tickets and get programs ($20 each).

After chilling for a bit we were seated and the musical start! I think it took my ears a while to get used to listening to it, because I swear I didn't understand a single word from the first 10 minutes of the show. The dogs were definitely a highlight for the crowd. Doggies gets immediate clapping when it comes on stage, and immediate clapping when it exit.

Lucy Durack was amazing as Elle. I wish I could see her as Glinda (I saw Suzie Mathers in Singapore). She was so natural! She actually looked and sound like she really mean every single bimbotic thing she said. Rob Mills' voice was captivating! It was also good to see David Harris perform again (He was the Fiyero in Singapore). I do think  the role of Emmett fit him to a T~

Gay or European! is definitely my favorite song, and I think Chip on My Shoulder was lovely too~ It's a really brainless fun musical to watch, and just enjoy the performance by the wonderful cast *and doggies*

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