Monday, 22 April 2013

Gold Coast Nova

What a Supanova!

I wasn't planning to attend *because it's in the Gold Coast and it feels like so much effort/ money to get a room there/ travel up and down* but when they announced that Alex Kingston is coming, there is no force in the world that can stop me from going. *Buys  Saturday passes for Minh and I. Minh is pretty much going just because I want to go. Such a lovely boyfriend*

I did Infinity Sheryl, thanks for Skye for giving me the materials and Ash mailing over my shoes and wig. Infinity has always been one of my favourite Sheryl songs, and I was contemplating it ever since I did Black Bunny Sheryl *seeing how I've gotten a wig I can use for this image*

I drafted this costume off my Magnet Luka dress. It was hell to do as I have never attempted this cut before, and if I mess up there is no where in Aus I can get more materials to fix the dress. The cloth arrived just 3 weeks before GCNova, so that added another level of pressure to get things right the first time round.

Happy with the results, took me 3 days to finish. I spent one day just drafting the thing, one day sewing it together, and another day darting and taking it in. I honestly think this is one of my best sewing work *as long as you don't flip it over and look at the stitches* For one the sides are nicely fitted and not threatening to expose my boobs to the world, and another the back is actually symmetrical... That's an achievement that's NEVER happen to me before.

And yes, being me, I did not have a proper picture of the costume. Pardon the derppy look here.

Make-up took about 2 hours to complete, due to me not cosplaying for 6 months and totally forgetting how to do simple stuff like put on a wig net.

I've also brought Minh a belated Valentine/ Anniversary present. We had a lot of fun at Nova picking up people on Streetpass. Also good because the 3DS XLs really helped us when we were in line for photos and autographs. Time passes faster when you are playing something fun.

And the loot XDD
This was pretty much a River Song con for me XDD Aside from watching Madman, all my time was spent in line for autographs and photos with Alex Kingston. She is such a lovely lady! She remembers the book (Daniel made one for her and passed it to her during MelNova last week), and she spent quite some time writing a nice message in mine, despite the line behind us. She also remembered me when I went for the photo session, and its amazing to have your idol say you look beautiful >///< We were sticking around a little around the autograph area, waiting for my photo to be printed. I was afriad that since I'm attending the 3.45pm photo session, I won't be able to get my photo signed, but the line for autograph was really short when I collected my photo, so I ran to get a token, and got her to sign the photo as well. And since there was no line behind me, we chatted a little, and she said 'Spoilers' to me.. OMG SHE SAID SPOILERS I SWEAR MY HEART JUST STOPPED AT THAT SECOND. I got Spoilers written on the last page of my book, and also 'Hello Sweetie' on my photo~ This is a great con for me XDDD

Sad to hear that she wasn't well on Sunday and couldn't make it for her photo session T_T I hope she has recovered. I heard she was still doing autographs tho, by getting people to collect items and sending it to her to sign, and then returning back to the con by the end of the day. Such a hardcore person! My love for her just skyrocketed after meeting her, and I can't wait for more River Song in the upcoming episodes!

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