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That Sydnova report (image intensive)

That is pretty overdue.

The journey to Sydney starts right on the dot at 5pm, where I packed up my desk, and dragged a 22kg bag 200m to the nearest hotel. That’s where my airport transport will picked me up from. Half-way through the wait I realised that taking the air-train might be faster, but I really don’t want to drag such a large luggage up and down Central station.

Arrived at the airport to find my flight delayed for half an hour.. but it’s alright, I've got this:
Found a powerpoint at the gate area! *Charges phone*

By this time I was getting pretty hungry, but I refused to buy food from the airport. Qantas feeds me, which is one of the reasons why I choose to fly with them. I did try my luck at the vending machine.. and got rejected cos it refused to take my Debit card, and I have no cash on me.

Finally, I board the plan, and within half an episode of Kamen Rider Wizard, my food is served.

This green curry is one of the best thing Qantas has ever served me. I wish I could have more!
BTW: Furbys are evillll, do not bring onboard

Took a picture of this so I can keep the address. Planning to go drool at it. (Which I totally did)

One good thing that came out of the delayed flight is that, instead of landing half an hour earlier and having to wait for Daniel at the airport, we arrived at approximately the same time. Daniel got his bags first, and waited for me to get my slow ass down to the bag collection area. Soon, we were in a cab, and driving off to Vibe Hotel where Skye and Jing are staying.

It was the usual mad pre-con rush, as everyone was still gluing laces and trimmings, or ironing costumes. We didn’t sleep till 2.30am, which was fine by me, as I get to hang around 3 of my most favourite people in the world.

Jing teaching me how to do a French twist..sadly it’s too complicated for my simple mind >.<
We decided to double cos as we are only going one day. We got into the more complicated costumes, our 3x Sheryls! We were all cosing Sheryls from Kindan no Elixr!
Edit by Skye on MTXX =p
Bridegroom Sheryl, Nurse Sheryl and Bride Sheryl. Take your pick!

Special thanks to Zelmar and Daniel, for being absolutely wonderful people! Taking care of us and our bags XDD
And because it was raining, we decided to cab to the event.. this was the cab fare

Thank goodness it’s spilt between the 5 of us!

Our first stop was to find where Madman was held, and secure seats! Unfortunately Zel and Daniel got stuck at the door, and were unable to watch the comp. (It seems like there was actually a line/lock down of people allowed to enter the area.. but clueless me just marched in, followed by Skye and Jing>.< I’M SORRY EVENT PEOPLE I DID NOT MEANT IT! I only found out after Zel and Daniel got locked out..) They took this chance to go walking around the booths.

It was really entertaining and amusing this year. I let out a fangirl screamed when I saw a Garo in the comp (all my Garo doki doki feeelssss) while all Skye remember is that this was the show with the tacky CGI. Anna (as Frieza ) took home the top price with her very funny skit.

We then spend the next couple of hours waiting in line for a photo with Carrie Fisher and the Harry Potter twins. Skye and I took a photo with Princess Lelia, while Jing and Daniel went for the twins.
We then changed into costume #2: from the super unknown series call Shounen Dolls!
Photo by Pireze

This is the freaking costume that was causing me so much pain one month before the con. I swear that NOTHING went right making it. My circle skirt came out weird; I keep running out of thread, the top just refuse to sit properly, and that nasty jacket with the nasty, horrible sleeves.  Dear goodness. Most of the ugly hat is hidden by the lovely rose and butterfly made by Skye,

We only stay around a little in our second costume, as we have to make our way to shoot. Damn weather that keeps raining non-stop pretty much prevented us from shooting anywhere we wanted, so we trained back to the hotel, and took photos in the corner of the room.
Totally stolen from Jing's blog
OTL not enough light! It’s alright we has hotel lamp!

After which, the 5 starving Singaporeans googled/foursquare/urbanspooned for a pasta place for dinner.. and man did we found a good one.

Mamma Pizza is just delicious, and so wonderful! And we get free garlic bread with every pasta dish we ordered, so that totally made us happy.

We then brave the rain and went to N2, for ultra cool liquid nitrogen ice-cream! The whole process is pretty cool, but I was kinda expecting them to be making the cream on the spot too, and not just adding LN2 to it. Still, the flavours were pretty funky.

All the ice cream flavoursss

Tanks on LN2, have not seen this in ages!

We head back to the hotel soon to crash, and get ready to enjoy a full day of non-cosplay fun,
As expected, most of us woke up pretty late the next day. My body clock kicked in at about 8am, while Jing and Skye continued sleeping.
I really did though that Jing woke up way before me.. until I notice her head sticking out.. What the! I didn't even realise there was someone under the sheets!

Daniel and I decided to go get coffee. Found a nice place near world square, and it was great! Sadly, they forgot my bagel, so we spent quite a bit of time there... Skye and Jing though we got lost/ washed away by the rain because we came back so late.

After Zel and his friend Darrell came, we head out to Sydney Fish Market. I love going to the Fish market, all the fresh seafooooddd (although for some reason they can’t make fish and chip decently). We got some Salmon sashimi, oysters, fish and chips, a lobster platter, morton bugs, and this weird thing call a Yabby that Daniel insist we try... It was great! I’m coming back for you again! Yabby, Sooo goooddd!

After which we roam around the city for the rest of the day. The pair of walking boots I was planning to wear had a hole in it, so I ended up wearing my Ageha boots... they were not uncomfortable, just really new. By the end of the day my feet were rebelling and it just hurts. Lucky at times like this, you have a best friend to count on.. Poor Skye had to wear my shoes.. which are one size too small for her, so we can rush back to the hotel to get another pair of shoes. We went to Mizuya for dinner that night with Yumi and Will, and just had fun catching up with each other.

On Monday, Jing had the earliest flight so she has to prepare to go. Skye and I wore Sheryl again and went to shoot with Icie and Ray. It was raining so badly that I was desperate for it to stop, so I told the heavens if they stop raining, I won’t have Mamak today! The rain did stop for a bit, but the clouds were threatening to start anytime soon. We went to UniSyd first, and an hour into the shoot Ray got a call from an ACTUAL CHURCH that we are good to go shoot there!

Taken in Uni Syd

From the Church shoots.
Special thanks to Daniel and Zel for helping out, and Icie for taking the photos. AND EPIC RAY THAT NEVER GIVES UP AND KEEP LOOKING FOR LOCATION FOR US *___________* 

 We went back to shower and change, as well as check out of the hotel. Met the photogs at World Square for some Grill’d, before Skye and Zel have to catch their transport to the airport... SKYE SKYEEEEEE NOOOO DON’T LEAVE MEEE.

That left Daniel and I some time to wonder around. We took a cab to Black Star, where Daniel showed me the most disgusting looking Strawberry cake with the most delicious base! I was.. CAN I JUST BUY THE BASE IT’S SOOO GOOOOOOD *sadly no. I was tempted to buy the cake and scrap off the strawberries tho!*
Photo taken from Black Star Pastry
I did get this for Minh tho
It's a Ninja!!

We decided to go check out Mamak, only to see it closed! Well, it hasn't been raining, so I guess I am paying the price for my wish. We had some Emperor Cream puffs instead, and head to a coffee place near our hotel to chill and wait for our transport to get us to the airport.

And Skye called to say HER FLIGHT IS OVERBOOKED AND SHE’S STAYING ONE MORE NIGHT IN SYD! What luck! Sadly, it would be too much effort (and cost) for her to come meet us at Domestic airport, so while Zel and her went to enjoy their complimentary hotel stay, Daniel and I each got onto our planes and few off.

It was a really good weekend, and a leave well spent. I really miss these people so much! Nothing in the world beats the feeling of being in PJs with 3 of your best friends in the world, talking the night away.

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