Friday, 6 September 2013

These 'professional' photographer and make-up artist

Sometimes, I missed the days where you actually need to be accredited, or genuinely setting up a professional career, to be call professional.

I'm helping someone plan her wedding now (or, more like kaypo-ing) and the amount of unqualified people trying to pass themselves off as pros are just, wtf.

I had a girl with a DSLR wanting to charge us $700 for taking photos! While I know $700 isn't expensive (someone else quoted $3800 for photos and videography), but she's just a girl with a DSLR!

No experience with wedding photography, all she had taken were landscape photos or 'fashion shoots' (note the ''.. getting your friend to dress up in her daily wear and snapping photos of it is NOT A FREAKING FASHION SHOOT). I understand you need to pay for photography, but I rather pay more for a professional- eg someone who takes it seriously enough to make a career out of it. At least I know I will be getting something great for my money! Heck, I know I will be willing to pay more to some of the cosplay photograhers I had worked with before to take my wedding photos! I am paying almost $320 for 10 graduation photos (potentially paying more as I want 3 of them framed) but hey! I am alright with that! I understand that my $320 covers

  • Studio rental (I was lucky to get my photos done for free, I just pay for the shots I want, but hey! It's a freaking studio, and they need to pay rent. I am sure the reason why the photos are $32 each is partially paying for their rent)
  • Robes rental
  • Someone who seriously want to be a photographer (employed by a photography company, even tho she might not be doing this full-time, she i know what she has to do, and takes really good shots. Definitely had some training and good understanding of lighting and framing

Or even if you're not making a career out of it, but take it as a serious hobby, I am willing to pay too! Like I said before, I will pay any of the cosplay photographers I know to take the pictures, because I know their passion for photography, and they are good! If you're really into taking photos as a hobby, and you're good at it, people will approach you to take their photos, and it's up to you on how much are you going to charge them (hey, they want you, so they know you're good!) If you really don't think you can do a good job, but still want to try tacking, tell them! Do it for free/ minimum cost, and allow them (permission and budget wise) to hire another photographer to the wedding while you take snap shots! Or do what that photo studio I went to do: you only pay for what you like. It might not be the way it is in reality, but I feel that this is a good method to show that you are humble- you know you might not be good enough to capture all the important moments in this person's event, but you are willing to learn, and willing to be paid what is reasonable to both you and the person hiring you!

And make-up artist.. omg.. that's even worst. Like, anyone who can walk into a pharmacy these days and buy a couple of foundation shades can call themselves a make-up artist.

As a make-up artist, I think the minimum expectation is to know what colors will suit a person. There are pink-tone people, yellow-tone people. blue-tone people, etc. Some people just CANNOT take certain colours. There are single eyelid, and double eyelid people, and some people have deeper eyes than others... you can't just use ONE FREAKING TECHNIQUE on all of them! You need to be able to contour and bring out the best features of these people, understand what features they like, dislike, and work to highlight their natural beauty! And hygiene.. omg, how many people had used your brushes? Do you clean them regularly *eg after every customer* or do you replace them regularly? I don't want someone's old skin tissues or caked make-up to be on my skin, nono!

These days, anyone can go get a free website, or blog (like me!) and start posting their 'portfolios' online and claim to be professionally. Anyone can go take an online course on anything and become 'accredited' in it.. Where are all the strict guidelines of the past? I know my mum actually had to take a test at the end of her make-up course to prove that she understand what the course is about, and how to apply the techniques she acquired during the course.. and even then she took a couple more courses and did trials on friends and relatives before she claims herself a professional... what about now? After watching a youtube tutorial, and you're the expert on smokey eyes?

And people who CAN do their own make-up.. why are you paying someone to do what you can (or worst, CAN'T do what you can)??? I admit I fell for that trap, I did a trial with a make-up artist who was trying for the job, and man it was terrible.. I could do so much better! It's a waste of money to get someone who can't do it. I'm doing my own bridemaid make-up at the upcoming wedding, and I've concluded for my own wedding, I am either going to do it myself, or get Skye to do it. Skye taught me most of my skills, and I am fairly confident that she will do either my standard, or exceed it!

Ahhh, sorry about that long rant, but I just need to get it out of my system!

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