Thursday, 31 October 2013

Japan! Part 3- Harajuku Rabbits and Shibuya shopping times

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After that quick 2 hour nap and lunch, we head out to Harajuku to meet with Clara, who has been travelling in Japan for some time now. She's done some really crazy stuff, like hiking Mt Fuji. Now time for some normal, tame tourist stuff

Like joining the longest crepe line we can find.

Main reason for being in Harajuku is to visit Ra.a.g.f, a bunny cafe! Buuunnnyyyyyy~~~ However, we didn't make an appointment online (because none of us know enough Japanese to do it), so we had to booked a slot one hour later >.< It's alright! We took the chance to explore around, like go into Anna Sui and Burtons.

The sign to Ra.a.g.f

Japanese stairs are really steep, and this is the first of many we will encounter. It's not so bad, compare to the ones we see in Kyoto, but still take some time to get used to it.

Stolen from Clara

When it's time, we went to hug some really cute bunnies! Only one bunny is allowed out at a time, but you get to pick which one you want to cuddle with! This fat little one was so cute! So fluffy and soft.

Attack of the humans who love fluffy stuff! She just sat there and let us pat her, awwww. 

Of course, if you have food, they love you more.

Clara, again
We changed to a curious one. This bunny is a little younger, plus I think he got scared when he first came out (a little girl who was visiting the cafe screamed, I think that scream scared the bunny) so he was a little nervous.. and start defending itself by peeing all over. Minh and Clara got a big hit by his pee, I manage to avoid most of it.

But he's still so cute and we still love him!

There's also baby bunnies. But you can't hold them. Too small. But omg how are baby everythings always so cute??

Here's mama! 

We head over to Shibuya soon after. Minh really want to get a bag, and I am just cool with anything.

The famous Shibuya crossing!

I do want to bring this little one home.. soo cuteee!! Found in a pet shop in Shibuya.

Went to Loft and Tokyu hands to look for bags. I really like these places! So much stuff to see and buy! I brought some polariod films and ink for my pens, and Minh did manage to find a bag here too.

There is also a lot of people on the streets advertising and trying to get people to come to their restaurant. We wanted yakiniku that night, and many helpful people pointed us to a yakiniku store.

The staff downstairs was trying really hard to sell us their all-you-can-eat deal, but I wasn't hungry, and don't think it will be worth it. She ended up giving us a 30% voucher for food and drinks, which we gladly accept and went up stairs.

Look at that fireee.

Google play was also doing some survey thing in Shibuya. I think they are trying to find out what games appear to the youth. We looked at the trailers and demo of a few games, and picked the one we though will be interesting. Got a little handphone cleaner as thank you gifts.

Minh wants a picture of Club Sega.. because of Yakuza games. haha

We also found Hachiko just before we left Shibuya. I want a dog like Hachiko tooo!!

We did so much shopping on that first day, but we brought some of the best buys too! Like my Anna Sui wallet. I finally owe one!! So happy!

Next up: Ghibli, and cat cafe!

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