Saturday, 28 March 2015


Happy 16th Birthday Mayday!

I wanted to write a dedication to the band on Dayre, but video linking isn't working *cries* so I've decided to write it on blogger instead!

Here are 16 songs which inspired me/ I just really like! In no particular order....

1) 倔強

Top of the list! This was one of the first Mayday songs that really touched my heart.There was a time at work where I was doubting myself, and this song came onto my playlist. After listening to the lyrics, I really felt... screw it! I know what I am doing is right, and if others cannot see it now, let my results show them!!

Also super in love with 士杰's version~ 

2) 溫柔(還你自由版)

Nothing is more touching than being in the 'snow' when Ashin sings this. My heart always break when he sings, "我給你自由, 我給你自由, 我給你自由. 我給你自由, 我給你全部全部全部,全部自由~~~~"


This is one of my ultimate favorite! Jeslene will tell you how HIGH I was when they played it at the F1 Singapore concert. haha. Bonus points for having a Japanese version with TERU in it! <3 Glay and Mayday loveeeeeee

4) 明白

Another song that breaks my heart whenever I hear it. How can so much hurt fit into one song? 

縱然是世界遼闊 外面的精采好多
給你的愛那麼多那麼濃 你還是不懂

Also, bonus point for having a Masa version, which I think is a lot more emotional because its just him and a guitar.

5) 志明與春嬌

OOOOhhhhh~~~ yea yeah yea yea yeaaaaaa~~~~ One of my fav Taiwanese songs from them,.. because its one of the few where I can remember all the lyrics! haha

6) 永遠的永遠/ 闖

I love the melody for this song, and 永遠的永遠 is really cute, a lot of behind the scene imagines. And 闖's lyrics are really inspiring too! Another song on my 'When I am down' playlist.

And no, I am not cheating, it's technically 1 song! hahahahah

7) 憨人

It's not a Mayday concert until this song is heard! Actually a lot of classic Mayday song have some form of ' lalalala' in it. lol 

Have you noticed how much a sucker I am for heartbreaking love songs? I think this is also one reason why I love Mayday so much- Ashin writes really good heart breaking songs, and he sings it so well too. So much emotions (but not overly).

9) 你不是真正的快樂

Besides Monster being adorable in this MV, this is another song where I just stop in my track and really listen to it... Every line seems to be talking to me (and a lot of people too, in this society where we tend to hide ourselves to be accepted by everyone). I asked myself, am I really happy at this point of time, or have I simply pretend to be happy for so long, that I think I am happy?

10) 將軍令

This is like, my morning alarm now! lol The bass is really pretty in this song, and I like the MV's directing- the use of shadows and angles to errr, hide certain features of our dear vocalist *hahahahha* Still love you a lot lahhh 主唱大人。  

11) 步步

I often say that the only good thing about 步步驚情 is the theme song. hahaha. Seriously, the show was such a disappointment, it was almost a waste of Ashin's talent to write such a beautiful song for such a bad show.  I think they should just use Ashin's lyrics and film a whole show based on it! 

12) 最重要的小事

... Yes I am super bias. IT IS A REALLY NICE SONG THOOO, And not just beautiful lyrics (as usual) but Masa did a really good job on the melody as well! It's such a sweet song that I really want this played at my wedding!

Super bonus: Masa Singing

I love Masa's singing~~ His voice is so sweet~~ <3 <3 <3 There is so many version of him singing 瑪莎的小事, and I love them all! 

Putting this one up as well because the talking in front is really cute~

ALSOOOO special feature- Monster playing it on his beautiful Gibson Signature for Masa's wedding announcement. 感动1000000%!

13) 生存以上 生活以下

... SERIOUSLY NO BIAS HEREEEEE *okay maybe a little, It's a Masa in a bear mascot! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT!*

14) 我不願讓你一個人

"你說呢 明知你不在 還是會問" The first line was enough to kill me. Such a lonely song about not wanting someone to be alone.. Such a sacrificing song...

15) 牙關

My fave song written by Monster, the line 等待後面是等待 更沉默的等待 然後咬緊了牙關 等待更多的等待 was stuck with me for a really long time. 

16) 突然好想你

This song is here because of this video really. I like the song before, but after watching the 諾亞方舟concert, I was moved. Especially by Ashin's showmanship- how he just stood there and let the whole atmosphere of the concert sink into him, how the crowd just blend into one voice.... I was so moved. I hope one day, I will be able to attend a concert with a moment like this.

There we go! My 16 songs! A lot of other songs were written and crossed out, and debated... I love the whole 愛情萬歲 and 為愛而生 album, and wanted to include more songs from there, but I guess some cuts have to be made.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wallet crying again

So in love with the set!!! tahan dekinai! And it's call Afternoon teatime! Sooo cuteeeee~  So sweett!!

Brought this backpack. Now I am really glad I didn't buy the roma letter one, this is sooo much prettier, and so up my alley! The only thing I might mind is here is no side pocket, and the STAY REAL label is not a gold plate.. but I am just nit-picking now.

And this lovely jacket is finally released... at NT 3880!!! OMG so expensive! I knew it will be expensive, but this is tooooo expensive11

Anything Ashin wears is expensive. I wish I own Stay Real, then I can have all the expensive Stay Real I want, and wear all these nice clothes without thinking about how am I going to afford them... (what rubbish thinking). But yar, if Money wasn't an issue, I will like to own the whole Afternoon Teatime set, or at least get the cap and the handphone pouch too!

A lot of people complain about the design at the back, but I am pretty alright with it. I think it looks good when it is being worn.

*Silently wishing at this will still be in-stock in July, and I will just shamelessly ask my friends to just share the cost and get it for me XDDD*

It is going to be too warm to wear in SG tho... haizz.

I miss Taiwan, I want to be back in Taiwan~~~

But I don't want to be in Taiwan for Summer.. hahaha!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Alll the Stayreallll

Stayreal please stop releasing stuff that is very up my alley! 
I am so broke!

Like this hoodie! But it's really similar to one I already have: 

And I like my blue one better too! haha

Also.. they released a "Keep Staying Real and Carry On" tee! I was expecting "Keep calm and Stay Real" tho.

I like the pants a lot too! It's not released yet, but I don't think I can pull it off >.<

Also, bagggggg. I really need a backpack. Still holding out until I find one I really love.. But I love them all!!!

And while we are on the topic of pretty things I can't have. THIS. JACKET. 
OOS, but omg, Love it so much! Hope they release something similar again!

This has been a Hiyu ranting about things I want to have but cannot afford moment XD

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

螢火晚會, 1 month later

I am still feeling the withdrawalllll

Was this really only 1 month ago? It felt like foreveeerrrr

(pictures from BinMusic website)

CNY is coming soon, and I should really be packing my room.. I will do it.. this weekend.

Also brought 2 dress for CNY. For some reason, my shopping feels always shut down around CNY time. It's like I refuse to buy clothes!

I did brought a StayReal tshirt and a red skirt to wear for CNY, but it looks a bit too casual. So got some nicer dresses too.

Still intending to wear the StayReal for visiting! Maybe when I go visit friend's place.

So far, already confirmed CNY visiting with the secondary school gang, just need to confirm the cosplay side plan.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Taiwan 2015- The YOLO Mayday Trip

OMG, so busy since I got back last Wednesday! I finally have time to sit and pen down my New Year Eve celebrations and of course, the YOLO trip to see Mayday!

When they announced their Kaohsiung Countdown Concert, I really wanted to go, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to travel alone, and if so, will I get a travel buddy. Afterall, this is pretty much a trip where I go fangirl these 5 uncles. hahaha. Really lucky that Jing was willing to come along on the trip, and attend the concert with me!

Bonus again when I realise my Cousin is going as well! We were on the same flight, and attended the same night (3/1)

Quick update on Mayday related activties first, before I jump into the other bits of the trip.
I've actually updated most of this stuff on my Dayre , so if you are keen, go there please~

All set to go! Passport and Mayday Tickets! 

Pretty much wearing either StayReal or Concert tees throughout the whole trip.

Our THSR tickets. We got the travel agency to order the ticket as part of our package, and head to Taoyuan station to buy tickets to Taipei, and collect these tickets. Highly recommended to get reserve seating! Even if you have to sit apart! 2 hours ride! Can you imagine not getting a seat and standing for 2 hours?! To get to Kaohsiung, alight at ZuoYing station.

Like I said, all ready for the concert~ hehe. I love my "Just Rock it" Wristband!

The train is pretty much the same as Shinkansen in Japan. I've actually travelled on the HSR 4 years ago, also from Taipei to ZuoYing. So I was not that excited about it anymore. Didn't get a bento box as well, because it was just too early (9am! We hardly slept much the night before cos we arrived in Taipei around 9pm, and head over to Shida to feed ourselves!)

By the way, Shida Nightmarket was really quiet that night, maybe cos it's 2 Jan and people are still out partying. For me, it's just a .. OMG Shida *_* moment.. (silly fangirl OTL) 

Arrived at ZuoYing Station. When planning the trip, I thought it would be better to NOT buy our return tickets early, as we have no idea if we will want to stay in Kaohsiung longer.. on hindsight we should have. There isn't much to do in Kaohsiung if you don't have a local to bring you around. So by the time we got our return tickets, we were left only with 8am seats! *Cries*

The cute mascot!

Our hotel was the Grand Hi-la . I knew it was a pretty classy hotel, but didn't realise that it was the hotel Ricky's Mum brought us to for awesome buffet lunch the last time we were there! Ohhhh~~ It really was grand! hahah.

Roomed on level 32! I like how it says Mayday Concert Guest on the envelope. 

After lunch, we head out to the Stayreal shop because we didn't know what to do before the concert! Initially, I thought we were near Love River, so we could take a walk along there, but it turns out to be WAYY too much of a walk if we want to hit the nice cafe areas, so we turn back and went shopping.

Oh look! I have the same doll on my bag! haha
The Stayreal shop was crazy! The staff really deserve a pat on the back for being so friendly even though they were swam! Many people came in to grab the teeshirts that were released that week, as well as the bracelet and the green shirt Ashin was wearing for the concert... I was planning to get the bracelet and consider the shirt as well.. but because of the hype generated due to Ashin wearing them, it was pretty much OOS before I even got there. T_T Ashin ar, I love your designs, but if you keep wearing stuff I am planning to buy, how am I going to buy them?! hahah

Head down to the World Gmaes Stadium after dropping the shopping back at the hotel.

I was really overwhlemed by the size of the place! I mean, yes I know 50,000 people are going to be there, but it was bigger than I had imagined! Think it's because I've never really been to big stadiums like this before. It was really at this moment I realise.. whoa it's good to be an overseas fan because we get 'special reserved seats'. A stadium this big, and yet it still can't contain all your fans for 3 nights? I think that is a good indication that you are really successful in life. I kindda wish I was talented in this sort of way- able to pull crowd like how they do. But then again, it's not like I am an artist of any sorts anyway. haha.

Selfie in the merchandising line. This line actually moved really fast! I was expecting to be in line for at least 30mins! But we clear the line in about 10 max? Silly me didn't know that I could have brought StayReal there as well, so we have to line a second time to get my Stayreal stuff again. haha.

We were seated in Zone 8, in the overseas fan area. Honestly, I wasn't impress with our seating. It looked really good on paper, but we were really far away (I feel) and I ended up looking at the screen most of the time anyway. Although I did spent a lot of time trying to see Ashin and Masa with my own eyes. Especially Masa cos I didn't get to see much of him at the F1 concert. I was over at Stone's side of the pit, so very little Masa time >.< This time, we were nearer to Monster, and we did get good views of him when he is on the extended platform ( *_*) 

There was a lot going on in the concert! I feel like I didn't have enough time to absorb everything in. Must be the lack of experience hahah. It got me wishing that I could watch their concert twice in a row tho. Once is not enough! And there was so many inside jokes about previous day shows! I love their talking segments, how they make fun of each other (my Sha Sha Gong Zhuuuu), and the very very strong bromance between Ashin and Monster, hohohohooo. I really like listening to GuanYou talk as well... okay more like I am waiting for Masa to say something in respond to what GuanYou is going to say~ hahah. And how can Stone manage to look better as he gets older? I think he really age well.. in fact, all of them age really well! 

Pretty much my view of the concert once it starts.

Blurry picture of my two fave. I didn't want to spent too much time trying to take pictures- think its more important to be in the moment, then fiddle with the camera. (plus there will be other people who takes pictures and I can save the pictures later, hohohoh.. problem is there is very little Masa pictures T_T)

Really excited to get my hands onto the lightstick as well! THE COLOUR CHANGING IS SO COOL! Initially I thought there was something wrong with mine, because the light suddenly went off, but then I realise Jing and my cousin's ones are off too, and realise, it must be programmed to turn off at the start of the concert. You really have to get one of the official ones. There were quite a few fakes ones, and they don't change colour at all! It's just not the same. I later found out that some of the 'stores' are selling fake ones! So hard to tell! So to be safe, buy from  the official merchandising booth, or booth with the official concert posters!

My stamp to reenter the stadium.
This is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the concert. During the F1 concert, I was pretty far back, so I wasn't in the 'snow' for 温柔. This time, the WHOLE STADIUM WAS COVERED, so there was no chance that I was missed, lol. It was amazing, I can't decide if I want to look at the paper snow fall, or at Ashin singing his heart out. A quick Selfie with  Jing  to remember this moment.

I knew they would play 將軍令, but was surprised that they played "Do you ever Shine" as well. This was one song I never though I would hear live outside of Japan. Really glad to get this chance! I also fell in love with 完美落地 after this concert (okay, more like, after I went back and google wtf is this 完美落地 joke and hear Ashin sings it). 

Having not grown up in Taiwan, and never really experiencing a campfire like they had, I think the feels didn't really hit me because it is different from Singapore.. what campfire? We go to Pasir Ris and have chalets and BBQ and no one brings a guitar to sing. More like. who is bringing the PS2, the Nitendo, or the PSP/ DS. I guess if I had gone through their kind of campfires.. maybe I would have more feels. I did enjoy 紅蜻蜓 a lot. And of course, my ultimate 志明與春嬌. So glad to hear it liveeee. *Ohhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahhhhhh~~~~* haha

It was also nice to hear Monster sing 九號球, but I was hoping for a Masa solo as well. He has such a nice voice! So cute and sweet (hahaha). He was singing quite a bit I guess, and I am happy that I get to hear it~ (Altho.. I really want to hear him sing 最重要的小事!)

My loot from the day!
Brought the Stayreal 飛炫羅紋襯衫 and Iron Mousy T-shirt from 堀江店, and 後青春期的詩T from the concert venue. Also got both the concert t-shirts. I actually just wanted the one on the right, but after seeing how good the one on the left look (coughonmasacough), I decided to grab it after the concert too! hahah.

We checked out of the hotel on 4/1, and head back to Taipei. Went to the STAYREAL敦南店 to grab more stuff, before going toStayReal cafe! Took the metro to 忠孝敦化站, and exit from exit 2. We went to the shop to do some shopping first, before heading to the cafe.

Yes, I kap the coaster home.

Got the Toffee Nut Chocolate. Nice and not too sweet!

Love the waffles! They are individual pieces you can just pick up and eat! No cutting required! (good for lazy people like me!)

I like the decor as well... it feels very cosy, and if we were staying in Taipei longer, I would have wanted a second visit to sit in the basement area.

Jing's Tiramisu coffee. I must order a coffee drink next time! The coffee here is awesome! I'm adding GaBee into my list of places to visit as well! 

Loot from the 敦南店. Got my lovely 飛炫托特包, which I'm bring to work now. Also got the 搖滾年代手鍊, but in Bronze instead of Silver. Silver is totally OOS T_________T
And also candy from the StayReal cafe, because I can!

This little guy also followed me home from Tamsui.. I swear I wasn't looking for him! He was in a shop I was looking at, and well..who am I to deny fate? I need a smaller travel buddy anyway-- Pusheen and Toothless are too big for oversea trips! 

On 6/1, we went cafe hopping. Went to 華山1914文創園區 to visit 離線咖啡, and walked passed Deja Vu. Decided to skip Deja Vu because I rather go to Mr J Italian (which I did went there for lunch, lol). Also, the next time I'm in Taipei, I can visit Deja Vu AND 離線咖啡! whahaha.

I quite like 華山, although it has hipster written all over it! haha. Even the toilet feels hispter-ish. But I can see the charm in it` Plus, hispter places often mean good coffee and sandwiches!

Anyway, back to the main topic:

Offline is located waaayyy at the back, in another building. It's quiet and really charming. I saw another group of fans taking photo outside the cafe. Wonder if the staff are just really used to it. There was also a bride and groom taking their wedding photos outside the shop, but I think they just wanted the industrial feel to their photo, and not really the cafe. 
I wonder how it will be to have Masa as your boss. hahaha.*goes to taipei and apply to be a barrista*
Honestly, if being a barrista makes money, I would totally stay as one!
I most likey need to relearn a lot of skills tho... 10 years since I've been behind a la marzocco!

The very simple menu, printed on hard paper, and folded in half. With a few different type of coffee selection.

I am very hispter too! Take photo must take upside down! 
(Okay fine, I was lazy to move from my seat, and now I am lazy to rotate the picture)

Since this seat was available, might as well experience sitting on the wooden benches with low crate for a table. 

The upstairs and bar area.

My beautiful cup of coffee. When they brought the drink over, I though it was served in a metal cup! Turns out to be ceramic, but the design reminds me of the metal cups we see often in the 80s.

So instagram worthy? haha

Compared to Stayreal, I think Offline gives off a more personal touch. Maybe because it is smaller, or maybe because there are books and random stuff that looks like Masa have no place for in his house and just moved it to the cafe, but the orderly mess makes you feel like you have step into someone's home, and there is always something 'new' to explore when you take your eyes off the coffee and look around you. 

I've finally met you, Mr weird orange elephant. 

I always though the R2D2 was bigger, turns out its a table sized one. Not 1/1 scale.

And of course, there were a lot of Beatles and music related stuff around for you to admire.

I like it more than I expected to (and I was already expecting to love it a lot!) Look forward to going back again, maybe during the quieter hours.. and see if I am lucky enough to spot the boss sitting there with his coffee! haha. Seems like a lot of people have seen him there in the past!

Okay, there's all the Mayday related stuff on my trip! Next time, I'll write about the touristy stuff~